To get to the Import section of the Jatheon Platform, you will need to first log as a user with the Import permission enabled (Account Admin has two permissions by default - Ingestion details and Run ingestion) and then click the Import option in the side menu. 

In order to use the secure upload URL, you'll need to contact Jatheon Support, who will provide you with your login credentials. Once you get them, you'll able to access your personal secure upload space and upload your PST, EML or zipped EML files by clicking the provided link.

Once you click the Upload button, you can simply drag and drop the files that you want to upload. 

Wait for the upload to finish and return to the Jatheon Cloud platform. Reload the page if the uploaded file doesn't show up automatically (Uploaded filter is selected by default when opening the Import page) and start the ingestion, either by selecting the specific file and clicking the Ingest Selected Files button or using Ingest All Files.

After the ingestion process is done, the status will change from "Processing" to "Completed" and you will be able to filter the imports based on different statuses.

If you want to find out more how to use Filters in the Import section, check out our Article:

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