To be able to manage users on the Jatheon Cloud email archiving platform, you will need to log in with Admin privileges.

To add a new user, select the Users section and click the +New user tab. 

Fill in the required fields
– First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Status and Role. The Phone and Position fields are not mandatory.

Define user status (Active or Inactive) and choose the appropriate role for the new user. Don't forget to save your changes.

Next, verify that the newly-created user is present on the list of all users:

The next step is to generate a password for the new user.
Select the user and click on the more options sub-menu on the right. Click Generate Password and the user will receive an email with the newly generated password.

The user can now log in with the new credentials.

For more information, watch this short tutorial video on how to create a user and how to manage existing users:

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