To be able to view and manage users, you first need to log into the Jatheon Cloud platform as an MSP Admin, Account Admin or the User who's been given the appropriate Manage Users permissions. 

Under the Users section, MSP Admins can manage all the users belonging to any of their clients. For Account Admins, only the users belonging to their organization will be presented here. 

Once logged in, head to the Users section of your MSP Admin/Jatheon Cloud platform.

MSP Admins

Select the Client from the drop-down list. Alternatively, use the search box by entering the first two letters of the Client’s name.

After you've selected the desired Client, the list of all Users associated with it will be shown. Users are initially listed in alphabetical order based on the First Name, but can be sorted differently by clicking the column’s name. 

Account Admins

Once in the Users section, you'll be presented with the list of all the users belonging to your organization here.

One of the options you'll see is New User. Once you click the New User button, a slide-out form will appear on the right. For the creation of a New User to be successful, make sure you've entered all the data that's labeled "required". 

Email (required) – the email address of the New User
Status (required) – determines whether the New User will be able to log in once they set up their account, with Inactive meaning no and Active meaning yes
Roles (required) all the roles associated with that specific User
First Name (required)
Last Name (required)
Phone Number (optional)
Job Title (optional)

Once you fill out the fields and click the Save button, a toast notification will appear stating that the User has been created. You can also cancel the action by clicking the Cancel button.

To manage an existing user
, go to the list item which contains that user and click the More menu button (represented by the 𝌀 symbol). A menu will appear presenting you with 4 different options:

Activate/Deactivate – changes User status.
Log in as This User – gives you the ability to view the platform from the User’s perspective
Initiate Reset Password – in case a user is having trouble resetting the password
Delete – deletes everything related to that particular User

If you hover over a User’s row, you’ll be presented with the Edit option

Once clicked, a slide-out form will appear, giving you the opportunity to edit the information related to this User. 

Once you are done editing, you can either save the changes by clicking the Save button or cancel the action by clicking Cancel. You can also delete the User by clicking the Delete option.

Once you tick the boxes on the left, bulk actions will become available, giving you the chance to activate, deactivate, and delete multiple users at once. If you choose to do so, you'll get a toast notification informing you about the exact number of users that have been activated/deactivated/deleted.

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